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New York Makes History, Wins 2013 Junior Women’s Freestyle Duals 39-17 Over California

2013 USA Wrestling Junior Women’s Freestyle Duals
At Fargo, N.D., July 17, 2013

Finals Results

New York over California #1, 39-17
139 – Forrest Molinari (California #1) over Alexis Bleau (New York) Dec 7-6
148 – Alexis Porter (New York) over Jasmine Mendoza (California #1) TF 14-1
159 – Keneddi Eddins (New York) over Alyssa Hernandez (California #1) Dec 8-6
172 – Destane Garrick (New York) over Courteney Tompkins (California #1) TF 12-2
198 – Yuneris Taveras (New York) over Milagros Gracia (California #1) Pin 2:33
97 – McKenzie Bacich (California #1) over Kim Cardenas (New York) TF 10-0
105 – Angelica Llanes (California #1) over Jennifer Juarez (New York) Pin 5:02
112 – Kelsey Gray (New York) over Annastasia Ramirez (California #1) TF 14-4
117 – Sara Andresen (New York) over Ricki Liang (California #1) Dec 9-1
121 – Rachel Hale (New York) over Isabella Fernandez (California #1) Pin 0:52
125 – Rosemary Flores (New York) over Ismileyna Valles (California #1) Pin 0:26
130 – Shannon Henry (New York) over Jasmine Mendez (California #1) Pin 3:34

Rosemary Flores And Hanna Grisewood Claim Silver And Bronze Medals At Cadet Pan Ams

CAMPECHE, Mexico – Marina Doi (Kingsburg, Calif.) won a gold medal at 40 kg, and the United States captured four medals in the women’s freestyle competition at the Pan American Cadet Championships in Saturday.

Doi had a 3-0 record in the tournament, the top U.S. performance of the day.

Winning silver medals for the event were Rosemary Flores (Staten Island, NY) at 60 kg and Monica Ramirez (Baldwin Park, Calif.) at 65 kg

Flores had a 3-1 record and Ramirez finished with a 2-1 record.

Bringing home a bronze medal was Hanna Grisewood (Warsaw, NY), with a 2-1 record at 52 kg.

Host Mexico dominated the competition with eight individual medalists.

“I am very proud of this team,” said Coach Shannyn Gillespie. “This team was put together about two weeks ago at Junior Nationals with very little time to organize. We defied the odds and placed six of eight wrestlers in the top four and bonded very well as a team.”

The men’s tournament concludes on Sunday.

At Campeche, Mexico, August 6

U.S. women’s performances

40 kg – Marina Doi, Kingsburg, Calif., champion, 3-0 record
WIN Natassya Lu (CAN) 6-0, pin
WIN Jahaira Tatianna C. (ECU) 4-2, 5-4
WIN Cintia Monserrat M (MEX) 7-0, pin

43 kg – Devyn Johnson, Osakis, Minn., 4th place, 1-2 record
WIN Katie Waite (CAN) 0-2, pin
LOSS Rosalinda C. (MEX)
LOSS Naiyeliz G. (VEN) pin

46 kg – Amy Hou, Rome, Ga., dnp, 0-1 record
LOSS Dubraika R. (VEN) 0-5, 1-3

52 kg – Hanna Grisewood, Warsaw, N.Y., bronze medal, 2-1 record
WIN Meagan Kingsbury (CAN) 1-0, 1-0
LOSS Alejandra R. (MEX) 0-1, 0-1
WIN Nayday Esperanza G. (GUA) pin :17

56 kg – Jenna Brennan, Southampton, Mass., 4th place, 0-2 record
LOSS Adriana Ramos (COL) lost
LOSS Ana Cristel Osoria (MEX) lost by pin

60 kg – Rosemary Flores, Staten Island, N.Y., silver medal, 3-1 record
WIN Soleymi Antonieta C. (VEN) pin
WIN Anabella Del Rocio R. (GUA) pin
LOSS Miriam Elizabeth R. (MEX) 0-1, 4-2, 0-2
WIN Nicole Roach (CAN) pin

65 kg – Monica Ramirez, Baldwin Park, Calif., silver medal, 2-1 record
WIN Dolores Ana Beatriz G. (GUA) pin
WIN Angelica C. (VEN) 0-1, 3-3, 1-0
LOSS Vanessa Z. (MEX) 0-2, 0-1

70 kg – Brittney Harvey, Brighton, Mich., dnp, 1-3 record
LOSS Loreto Rojo Varela (MEX)
LOSS Jenifer Yordeth M. (GUA)
LOSS Hildalgo Jilary D. (VEN)
LOSS Kelsey Raab (CAN)

Coach – Shannyn Gillespie, Marquette, Mich.