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Top 3 Female Place finishers at the Freestyle States-Apply for National Team Now!

05/08/2018, 3:00pm EDT
By Heath Macaluso

Register for the New York National Team! First fill out Form to see if you qualify for State Funding

FARGO APPLICATION.  Info FORM due Monday, May 14th by 5:00pm.  Deposit of $250 is due Wednesday, May 16th at 8:00pm. 

DEPOSITS are to be made through the VENMO APP.   Sign-up if you don't already have Venmo account.   Please search for 'NY-USAW Womens Wrestling' on Venmo.

If your daughter took Top 3 at the NY-USAW on May 6th, 2018 and wishes to attend FARGO Girls Freestyle Nationals please fill out this Mandatory Form with your information and accolades.  Top 40 girls are eligible to receive stipend based on Freestyle accolades over the last 2-3 years.  This Point system rewards the states top wrestlers.  Form is due on May 14th, 5:00pm.    Body Bar results this year count! 

Email me with any questions you may have about pricing or logistics.  

Thank you for wrestling at the 2018 New York Freestyle States/Fargo Qualifier.  

It was great to see so many girls battling it out.  

*Read Below if your daughter wants to travel with Team New York to FARGO July 9-19th, 2018.  

*$250 Deposit due by 5:00pm on  May 16th, 2018 for girls wishing to attend FARGO WOMEN’S NATIONALS with the NY National Team coached by Jacque Davis and staff.



Click on this link and fill out form if you took top 3 in Cadets or Juniors and also to see if you qualify for additional funding based on our point system.  This point system is based on prior ‘Freestyle’ accomplishments.   

Fill out this form if your daughter wished to attend Fargo on NY’s National Team.


Trip details:

Deposit of $250 Due by May 16th.  Start your Fundraising!

Gear sizes for singlets, etc due by May 27th. 

Balance of Trip due: June 5th.  

Flying out of LaGuardia on Monday July 9th, Arriving at North Dakota State University where we will be staying.

5 Day Intense National Training camp with Coach Jacque Davis and 2018 US OPEN National Champion, Julia Sulata. 

July 12-18: Cadet & Junior National Women’s Freestyle Championships in Fargo Dome.

Return to NY on Thursday, May 19th.

Trip package includes: National Training Camp, Travel, Room & Board, Entry Fees, and Gear package.  Don’t waste time securing your spot.  Get your deposit in by May 16th. 



Girls placing Top 3 in Cadets and/or Juniors on May 6th, 2018 qualifies them to wrestle for Team New York at the FARGO Women's Nationals this July.  This trip requires a lot of planning so parents of qualifying wrestlers who wish to attend should be prepared to submit a $250 deposit no later than May 11th.  The deposit is a clear indication of a family’s commitment and ability to make this trip.  NY-USA Women's wrestling will be awarding stipends to NY's top 30 Wrestlers based on point system that uses prior Freestyle tournament results (Fargo, World Team Trials/Body Bar, and Local NY Freestyle Tournaments). 

Fargo Teams


There will be two levels of qualifying due to travel limitations as a group.  For this year the Women's team will be divided into Tier 1 and Tier 2 (if necessary).  Tier 1 will be the top place finishers starting with the Champs and working our way down through the place finishers based on State Placement, then point system based on former placement in Fargo, Body Bar, Shogun, Mohawk Valley, Gotham, & Headlocks.  All top 3 at the states qualify and if they don't make Tier 1 they can still compete in Fargo and be part of our team.  There will be a $450 discount for Tier 2 wrestlers to assist in their own travel. 


Our training Staff wants all our qualifiers to attend and travel as a team together.  However, this year that is just not possible due to logistical limitations.  Girls who do not make the top 20 can still go to Fargo and train with the state team and compete!  But all girls after the top 40 will have to take care of their own travel.  

Tier 1 - Travels with top 40 wrestlers and coaching staff. Includes National Training Camp, Gear Package, Competition fees, Airfare, & Room & Board.

Tier 2 - Includes National Training Camp, Gear Package, Competition fees, & Room & Board. Responsible for your own travel arrangement to North Dakota State University.  Everything else is the same as Tier 1.  Tier 2 is only if we get 40 deposits from our top 40 and NY has an overflow of girls who want to attend.  


Fargo costs:

Fargo is an amazing experience to bring your daughter to the next level.  We have an amazing coaching staff, including All-Americans and successful coaches, who are dedicated to seeing that your daughter gets to the next level.  The camp cost fluctuates depending on the wrestler and how far they've gone in the past.  We determine the stipend/scholarship based on a point system of Freestyle accolades. 

Example: The top 5 girls based on point system may pay $1000, where new girls may have to pay full price at $1600.  The State tries to supply some reward to every girl, but there are heavy costs involved including paying for our coaches staff to travel.  Many girls fund raise through May and June to make trip possible.  

This Wednesday the women’s board will meet to go over which girls will receive a stipend for how much.  


Stipends and Points System

Stipends are a form of scholarship picked up by the state to our top 29 wrestlers to reward them for representing Team New York and placing high at a national level.  This is based on a point system and selection process the Female state board discusses.  There will be opportunity to submit your accolades and challenges later this week.  Stipends will not be determined until May 16th, after World Team Trials, May 11-13th, 2018, for some girls traveling there will still attempt to accumulate points. 



Pay Deposit-Method

How to submit deposit by May 11th:

Download the VENMO app on your mobile device.  

Search NY-USAW-WomensWrestling with NY State Wrestling Logo.

Or goto

Once signed up with your payment information and setup, search

Here you can choose to “Pay” NY-USAW.  Put $250 in as amount.  Under “For What” put Fargo Deposit.

Deposits are refundable up to May 20th.  After that we will be booking flights, ordering gear, making accommodation reservations, so deposits will not be refundable. 




Heath Macaluso

NY-USAW Women's State Director

Fargo Team Coordinator

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